Make your own week



Experience something different. With your loved ones, co-workers, or team members. 

You can book the whole Arctic Sky Resort (10 people max) and plan your trip by choosing the most tempting activities.

What`s on the menu? Explore the wilderness of Finnish Lapland. The Arctic nature. The Arctic food. Learn about the herbs and other Arctic treasures growing in our forests. Get to know reindeers. Go hiking, skiing or fishing. Try different meditations, relaxations and yoga. Improve your wellbeing together.

The final program? You choose. You can let us decide the final program or decide everything for yourself. We are open and flexible. What we care about the most is that you will forget the time even exists, and just relax and have the days of your life.

Booking OUR READY-MADE package below You can choose 4 tours or activities as included.

make Your oWn week AT Arctic Sky resort


  • accommodation in Arctic Sky Resort (for 10 persons max.)

  • use of hybrid sauna - infra red and traditional Finnish sauna

  • meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner - local, tasty and pure, clean food

  • professional local guide

  • 4 activities of your choice - one per day (take a look at the activity menu below)

  • free use of snowshoes during your stay in wintertime

  • use of overalls (winter clothes, no shoes) during your stay in wintertime


Activity menu

Choose 4 tours or activities as included on price when booking.


  • cross-country skiing trip (equipment, guide, hot drink, 2hrs)

  • snow shoeing trip (equipment, guide, hot drink, 2hrs)

  • conquering the Kiilopää fell (4-6 km, walking or snow shoeing equipment, guide, hot drink, 2-3hrs)

  • reindeer moments (getting to know reindeer and local culture, short sledge ride, equipment, guide)

  • watching the night sky - hunting stars and Auroras (1-2 hrs, equipment, guide, hot drink) - available September-March only


  • wild souvenir workshop - foraging and enjoying arctic flavors

  • conquering the Kiilopää fell (4-6 km, guide, hot drink, 2-3hrs)

  • forest yoga - feel the nature (1-1,5 hrs, instructions)

  • short hiking trip to the Urho Kekkonen national park (3-4 hrs, guide, snacks) 


  • relaxing yoga and meditation class of your choice (1,5-2 hrs, equipment, instructor, hot drink)

  • forest bathing - nature connection exercise (equipment, guide, hot drink, 2-3 hrs)

  • wild herb tea workshop (equipment, wild herb souvenir, instructor, snacks, 2hrs)


Wishing for more?

Our ready-made package above is only a suggestion.

You can always make your own holiday from the scratch.

Or just contact / +358401559700 and we can start planning!


learn more about ALL THE activities available At ARCTIC SKY RESORT



SKI OR snowshoe

  • skiing to Kiilopää fell 6-10 km

  • or snowshoe trip to a wicket in 3 km

  • 2-6 hours


  • Reindeer sledge ride

  • getting to know them better

  • 2-4 hours

Aurora hunT

  • available Nov-March on clear weather

  • seeing them is up to Mother Nature

  • 1-3 hours

ICEFISHING (March-April | max 6 P)

  • fishing on a frozen lake + meal by the open fire

  • snow mobile or sledge rides

  • 6-10 hours



  • hatha, astanga or yin, also chair yoga for physically disabled

  • single session or daily sessions - as you wish

  • 1-1,5 hours

Your yoga guide will be Minna Kataja RYT 200 (yin, hatha, astanga). 



FOREST BATHING (shinrin yoku)

  • Japanese nature therapy, good for both physical and mental wellbeing

  • proven to reduce stress hormone production and improve the quality of sleep and overall happiness, can also boost your memory, energy and immune system, low your blood sugar and reduce high blood pressure, help recover from illness, plus it is good for your bloodstream and metabolism


  • indulging ourselves with guided DIY wild herb treatments

  • foot bath

  • facial steaming

  • facial mask with herbs and clay

  • enjoying herbal tea and other treats

  • 3 hours

Wild herb natural cosmetics course

  • preparing wild herb cosmetics like balm, lip balm, skin scrub

  • relaxing foot bath

  • enjoying herbal tea and other treats

  • 3 hours


Forest Yoga sessions

Guided hiking to Kiilopää Fell

3-4 hours

Guided hiking trips to other areas of interest

2-8 hours

Guided canoeing trip

also for beginners | 4-6 hours

Guided fishing trips

lake or river | duration as you wish

Guided fishing trip to Arctic Ocean, Norway

8-12 hours

Arctic Flavor Souvenir

picking e.g. lingonberries, blueberries, cloudberries, different mushrooms - varies by the season | preparing a little souvenir to take home | 4 hours

Wild Food Cooking

picking e.g. wild herbs, berries or mushrooms | cooking food out of those ingredients | 3 hours

Wild herbs in domestic use – course

getting to know different herbs growing nearby and their purposes of using (medical, beauty, food) | a cooking session | 3 hours


We also have a wide variety of other activities for additional cost. You can ask e.g. for customized fishing trips, hunting excursions, a day trip to Inari and Siida museum, a visit to the Ice Sea (Norway).

In addition to what we offer, there is also a wide range of interesting services available in the area. We are happy to tell you more.

The language of instruction is English or Finnish, depending on your group.


Touch the silence.