8 Seasons, million reasons


Here at Arctic Sky Resort, Finland, you will be filled with the Arctic magic - no matter if you see the Northern lights or don`t. The magic is all around the Lappish nature. In every tree. In every step and breath you take. It is in the love you donate yourself having your own quality time and nourishing relaxation.

Let the Arctic sky and the silence refill your soul with happiness.  



Yes, we have eight of them here in Lapland. Old Sami people decided a long time ago they will not settle with four seasons, since the nature above the Arctic Circle changes its character dramatically eight times a year. 

Let`s have a glimpse of the 8 seasons and our perspectives on them.


16.1 - 28.2

The nature sleeps, peacefully. The darkness that lasts about a month and a half is shattered by amazing Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). The lightest period of the day, the blue moment, lasts about 4 hours. The weather can be very, very cold, -30 degrees celsius, or even less. The amount of light slowly increases.

THE Crusty Snow

1.3 - 14.4


THE Departure of Ice

15.4 - 15.5

The spring! The light! We enjoy skiing, fishing and walking on the icy lake. We are able to see the sun after long, long time. The nature is still covered with snow. The days are getting longer. Sometimes the combination of sunlight and frost makes the snow hard enough to walk on. The snow usually starts to melt by May. The nature is slowly waking up. The wild animals are moving around, searching for a mating partner. You can see a lots of migratory birds in the sky, returning to their Lapland home for the summer.

THE Midnight Sun

16.5 - 15.7

The summer is here! Wonderful time to enjoy the Lappish nature. Above the Arctic Circle the summer is short, but the summer day is long. At Arctic Sky Resort the sun does not go below the horizon from mid-May till the end of July. You can watch the sun all night long. The sun gives energy and growth power - for the plants, for the animals and for the people. It`s been said that one actually needs less sleep during the summer.

THE Harvest Season

16.7 - 9.9

As the summer turns to autumn the days are often very warm, but it gets dark in the evenings, and the night temperatures can be very low. The decreasing amount of light is telling animals and plants to prepare themselves for the winter. You can enjoy fresh delicacies from nature, berries and mushrooms for instance. The first ripe berries would be the cloudberries, coloring the swamps with their orange, usually sometimes between July and August. After that you are able to pick the blueberries, the black crowberries, the Northern bilberries, the lingonberries, and finally, the cranberries, ripen by the frost.

THE Colorful Autumn

10.9 - 14.10

The first frosty night ends the summer season. The incredible play of colors begins. The nature of Lapland is slowly turning from green to different shades of yellow and red. Day by day the evenings are getting darker. The first snow hits the ground and melts away. The wild animals and birds get their furry winter coats. Outdoor activities are in huge favor.

THE First Snow

15.10 - 15.11

The weather gets colder and colder. The snow finally comes to stay. The lakes are slowly frozen and the birds are leaving for their winter destinations. The dark period begins in November as the sun goes below the horizon for months. The sky is unbelievably beautiful throughout the day, with different shades of blue, pink, orange and red. Later in the evening you can watch the Auroras dancing in the night sky. The beaming moonlight on the snow is really something extraordinary for you to see. 

THE Christmas Season

16.11 - 15.1

The first skiing tracks are being opened in our area in the beginning of December. The polar night, the darkness, is here. We love to get cozy by the fire and light the candles. We love to get some nature`s delicacies from our freezer and prepare ourselves a tasty Arctic meal. It is time to rest and relax. Like an Arctic bear in his nest.


...And SOME FACTS about finland YOU probably didn`t KNOW

The world`s largest certificated area for collecting organic food is in fact in Finland. It is huge - 11.6 million hectare - 30% of all organic food collecting area on planet Earth. Our area covers 38% of Finland and its biggest parts are located in Lapland, Northern Ostrobothnia and Kainuu region. Welcome to pick your own healthy treats.

The cleanest air in the world is fact in Finland as well. According to WHO we have the cleanest air. What more can you say about that? Awesome. Welcome to breath it.

The freshest water is also available for you in Finland - as a tap water. Our tap water is totally drinkable throughout the country. In Lapland it is superb. Welcome to drink it. (Btw, we even flush our toilets with it.)

There are 187 888 lakes in Finland. What? That`s a crazy amount of fresh water. Welcome to have a swim, or fish your lunch.

Finland was named the happiest country in the world in the 2018 World Happiness Report.

The average amount of nights with Northern lights is 200 per year in Northern Lapland. So lots of Auroras for you to see. (Auroras are fun to hunt for. Sometimes the clouds get in the way though. And in the summer it`s naturally impossible to see them due to sunlight. Gladly, in Lapland, there are so, so much more to experience and take back home to cherish in your heart.)

Welcome to find a million more reasons to fall in love with finnish lapland.