Find the endless light

Find your Arctic wellness retreat with yoga and relaxing at summer | Lapland Finland


when the sun

doesN`t go down 

Welcome to Arctic Sky Resort in Finnish Lapland. Ever dreamed about the endless light around you? With us you can experience that for real, along everything else we have planned for your wellbeing. 

From mid-May until the end of July the sun does not go below the horizon at all. The phenomenon is called the Midnight sun, the Nightless nights or the White nights. But don`t you worry, we make sure you are still able to sleep here on your Arctic Retreat. We have our ways, though it is been said that during that time one actually needs less sleep.

The light is really something unique here during the summertime. If you feel like staying up all night watching the sun (and you probably will), you are absolutely free to do that. You are warmly welcomed to join us - explore the Arctic nature and empower yourself with our mind & body exercises and refreshing activities. We relax, we breath, and forget about the darkness.

see the light and touch the silence.