Our story



Obviously a one happy couple. We are your hosts and guides during your stay at Arctic Sky Resort. We breath the nature of Finnish Lapland and prefer slow living. We want you too to have the ultimate experience of the Arctic wellness, among the luxury of silence and untouched nature.

We have quite unique backgrounds, Minna being an engineer, and Aarno having built log houses all over the Europe. We both have worked in construction field for many years. Minna is also an educated mushroom and wild herb specialist, canoeing instructor plus yoga master RYT200. She studies herbal therapy and yoga master 300H (yin and yoga therapy).

Aarno is born in Rovaniemi, Lapland, and Minna is originally from Southern Finland, near the capital Helsinki.

At some point of her busy life Minna started to travel to Lapland whenever she was able to. Alone.

The contrast between the hasty working life and the serenity of the wilderness really got her thinking. Every time she went to Lapland she got her strength back and felt like a new person. Only in Lapland she was able to find the peace of mind and the happiness she had been looking for.

And one beautiful day she met Aarno, and decided to stay.


At Arctic Sky Resort we combine a huge amount of things we love.


we adore

the arctic nature

We spend our time out there as much as we can, in every possible way - by foot, bikes, boat, canoe, skis, snowshoes, and on snowmobile when necessary. Our dog Jörö loves to keep us company wherever we go. The fells of Lapland, the silence, and the tranquility are something our hearts burst into sharing with you.

our passion is

the arctic food

Pure, local, ecological, picked from the forests, even by ourselves, always tastes the best. We have a professional chef preparing the tasty plates of Lapland for you during your stay.

our favourite scent is


And to give you even more funny details, Minna is also amazingly handy in many ways, knitting socks and rugs, preparing her own natural cosmetics, and photographing the nature as a hobby.

BUT That`s enough about us.

We would love to hear from you, and talk about the things we could do for your wellbeing. In case you feel tired or stressed and ready to give yourself some time to listen to your inner self, we are waiting for you already.

While visiting us you will be always free to have it your way. You can do as much yoga and other activities as you like. If one morning you prefer sleeping instead of attending the program, it`s fine for us. It`s all about you.


Our Arctic retreats 2019-2020

14JUL-20JUL Wellness Retreat 7D
14JUN-18JUN Silence Retreat 5D
21SEP-27SEP Wellness Retreat 8D
23NOV-29NOV Wellness Retreat 8D
16 - 20 JAN 2020 Silence Retreat 5D