...or never ending night

Find your Arctic wellness retreat with yoga and relaxing in winter | Lapland Finland


when the sun

doesn`t rise

We believe the Lapland`s magic is the strongest during the mid-winter, the twilight season (kaamos). The sun hardly rises up to horizon. Lots of candles are lid. The blue moment captures the world for a moment.

It`s perfect time to listen to your inner self. 

Welcome to Arctic Sky Resort, Lapland, Finland, to have a whole new experience, the darkness that is in fact good for your wellbeing. We will strengthen our piece of mind with joint meditation and other exercises, have atmospheric walks in the nature and indulge ourselves with herbal and sauna baths, lovely activities, and amazingly pure and tasty Arctic food. 

You may also look for the Northern lights and gaze the stars.

You can touch the silence.